The surroundings of Rome

Most of the British and US tourists who come to Italy simply visit these three cities: Rome, Florence and Venice.
These are  three beautiful cities indeed, but I sincerely consider  stupid to do this tour without  knowing the essence of Italy.
The surroundings of Rome and the South  has to be known.

Below I propose you a series of cities that, in my opinion, you can not miss!

– The Roman castles


It is a district near Rome which includes several towns. Among these the most beautiful are certainly Frascati with the apartments of the Roman nobility built between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries and Castel Gandolfo with the lake of Albano and the summer residence of the Pope.

– Tivoli


It is a wonderful city famous mainly for the villa of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, still very well preserved and opulent, as well as for the villa d’Este, a Renaissance villa with beautiful artwoks and with a park characterized by an extraordinary system of fountains. The city is only 30 km from Rome and it can also be reached by train

– Viterbo

Stitched Panorama

It is a beautiful medieval city famous for being the seat of the Papacy for about 20 years in  the 13th century. Nearby there is the charming abandoned village of Civita di Bagnoregio.



We leave the Lazio region to visit an extraordinary city of art and full of life that certainly deserves more than a short one-day  trip and that, however, is only an hour away by train from Rome. Who wants to know what to visit in Naples specifically can visit this page:

– Pompeii and Herculaneum


Near Naples there are the important archaeological that rise around Vesuvius. Moreover, Herculaneum is also the town with Villa Campolieto, a beautiful 18th century villa,

– Capri


This island is so famous that it does not require many words. You can easily go there by boat from Naples.

– Sorrento and the Amalfi coast

It is the paradise in the world. There are not words to describe the beaty of this luxury and amazing coast.




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