10 restaurants where to eat in amalfi coast

  • L’abside

piazza dei Dogi 31 – Amalfi


In a corner  of an important square  there is this very quaint restaurant that mainly offers seafood. The menu is really selected. Mussels, shrimp and grilled fish

  • Memè

 Salita Marino Sabaste 8 – Amalfitra1

In a characteristic street there is this very friendly and familiar restaurant where it is possible to eat excellent seafood and a good pizza. It is also recommended for being cheap

  • Le Arcate

  Largo Orlando Buonocore – Atrani


Very close to Atrani’s beach  there is this very charming restaurant. You can find seafood, pasta and risotto. In summer it is possible to have the dinner in a terrace enjoying the view.

  • Il Pinguino

Fra Gerardo Sasso 9 – Scala                parm3.jpg

It offers an excellent baked pasta, a tasty cod and an extraordinary pizza.  Moreover the owner prepares delicious home made desserts every day.

  • La locanda del pescatore

 – Via San Giovanni a mare 25 – Minori


The owner is very friendly and he will be able to advise you about the seafood of the day. The appetizers are really original and good. You can find “scialatielli” too ( the typical amalfitan pasta)

  • Pizzeria Oblò

 – Corso Reginna 63 Maiori


If you are looking for a great pizza Oblò is the place you need. Selected ingredients and soft dough are some of the elements of a high quality product.  You can enjoy with  appetizers and salami too.

  • Il frescale

via Fiscale – Tramonti.


One of my favorite places is the Frescale. In this family business you can find delicious salami,  a lot of appetizers, a very tasty pasta,  an exceptional pizza and sweet home made cakes.

  • Le Querce

 – Chiancolelle – Tramonti


Here you can  eat and excellent pasta with mushrooms, chestnuts and wild boar sauce. Then the grilled meat is really good.

  • La Brace –

via Gennaro Caprione 146 Praiano


Simplicity and genuineness are the key words that characterize this very traditional restaurant that offers a few dishes, but with a very  high standard.  Try spaghetti with anchovies and squid with potatoes

  • La Taverna del Leone

via Laurito 43 – Positano


In an innovative way here you can try something more sophisticated. In the restaurant the staff is very professional and kind.


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