The most beautiful beaches on the Amalfi coast.

It is not that easy to make a list of the most breathtaking beaches on the Amalfi coast, as a matter of fact, an Italian writer whose name is Roberto Pellecchia wrote a book entitled “The 100 most beautiful hundred beaches in Italy”.  According to me, the most beautiful beaches on the Amalfi coast are the least crowded since they can be reached only by sea. Thus, in my personal list, I am going to include those ones which are far from the town centre or the most famous villages.

  • Erchie beacherchie

It is close to Maiori, just 3 km and you can get there by motorbike, car or bus. You will enjoy a crystal clear sea not to mention how cheap this place is! You can rent sunbeds at very competitive prices, this is the reason why many local people love spending their summer there.

  • Duoglio Beach

  • duoglio

Just one mile far from Amalfi you can see this beach which is also reachable via lend but it is preferable to get here by boat. This place is organised with restaurants, sunbeds and umbrellas even though prices are not that cheap. From here, you can swim to reach many interesting and beautiful bays such as the famous “Natural arch”.

  • Saraceno bay


This beach belonges to the council of Conca dei Marini: you can see the fisherman’s village on one side and the Saracen tower on the other side. In the middle of it, you can enjoy one of the biggest beaches of the Amalfi coast.

  • The beach of the fjord in Furore

Furore fiordo dalle case

This is another organised beach reachable via land after a relevant number of stairs. It is very far from the nearest villages.

  • Nerano


Organised beach, the most beautiful one in my opinion. Far from the Amalfi coast but close to the Sorrento one.

  • Ieranto bay


This is not a proper beach but a sheltered bay. One of the most fascinating places, very close to the Sorrento coastline. Indeed, you can glimpse Capri island from here.




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