Cycling in Amalfi coast – Itinerary

  • Cycling in Amalfi coast – Itinerary

The Amalfi coast by bike is one of the most favorite country for  bicycle lovers. Every year a lot of people run through Amalfi coast  by bike for the beauty of the landscapes crossed and for the technical difficulties it requires, being a territory with continuous hairpin bends in which,  thanks to ascents and descents, they certainly do not bore.

The path is in fact particularly jagged and almost always flanked by the sea. In addition to undoubted technical difficulties, it is characterized by a not  perfect asphalt and, in the summer months, by a rather unpleasant traffic in the stretch from Salerno to Amalfi.

That said, the route that I propose is a fairly tough 125 km route that crosses the entire Amalfi coast and the Sorrento peninsula  by bike.  If you are not really super-trained professionals or athletes, you will surely be able to complete it in just 1 day ( or 2 days)

For extreme convenience, I will divide the route into 3 stages, because it is a tourist – non-competitive – itinerary that includes stops in the various towns crossed which, in any cas,e, require a break for visiting.

  • The Amalfi Coast by bicycle – Itinerary

Stage 1. From Salerno to Amalfi (via Ravello), 50 km
Stage 2. From Amalfi to Sorrento, 32 km
Stage 3. From Vico Equense to Agerola, 35 km

  • Cycling in Amalfi coast

Is it possible to do it all  the Amalfi coast by bike just in one day? Sure, if you can do it, . Let’s say that in particular the last stage can be perfectly absorbed, even if  you  have to  travel hard   ascents with which you must be able to confront yourself. If I recommend dividing the route into 3 stages, however, it is exclusively because it is a cycle-tourist route that requires stops. In fact, I recommend stopping to visit both the countries of the Amalfi coast and those of the Sorrento peninsula   you will cross.

In this regard, I invite you to read in particular three articles published on this blog:

The first is dedicated to a week in the Amalfi coast.   You can read about the most beautiful countries of the Amalfi coast.

The second  concerns how to spend one week in Sorrentos.

The third want to suggest your  The most beautiful beaches in the Amalfi coast.

You can also find on others website some good informations. For example on and   ( here you can find all informations for the accomodation and for the organization of the trip. In fact, keep in mind that above all the second site indicates the bike friendly structures where you can stay overnight during your cycle-tourist experience. For Amalfi I invite you to take a look

  • The Amalfi Coast by bicycle – Itinerary


  • A) Stage 1 – Salerno Amalfi (via Ravello), 50 km

The first stage can be divided into two parts. In the first it is absolutely easy and, once you leave Salerno, in the first 10 km and up to Cetara it does not present a lot of difficulties. It is precisely when you cross the town of Cetara that an annoying stretch of about 4 kilometres begins which ends at the Capo d’Orso. After that, up to Maiori, it’s all (a very pleasant) descent. From Maiori, following the coastal road, Amalfi is only 5 km away. However, I propose to leave the coast and enjoy the circuit of the Chiunzi Pass. Go up to Tramonti  to the pass (12 km uphill) and then turn on the left  towards Ravello (another 8 miles very easy).

In this circuit, the sea will appear far away and will be replaced by woods and a mountainous landscape. In Ravello it is worth making a stop in the square and perhaps in Villa Rufolo and then ending the stage with the last 5 km downhill to Atrani and then to Amalfi. It is a technically complex descent to be approached. So pay attention  because it is steep and because the roads are very narrow. The arrival, with the bay of Amalfi stretching out at the last corner, however, is amazing. In a stage that is already very scenic in itself, perhaps the arrival is the most beautiful postcard you can see.

  • The Amalfi Coast by bicycle – Itinerary


  • B) Stage 2, from Amalfi to Sorrento, 32 km

Starting a stage with ascents is never easy, but in Amalfi there is no alternative and, until the crossroads of Conca, you have to  start cycling  hardlyt.

Then, always following the coast, you will pass through Praiano (10 km) and then, after a series of very scenic bends, you will arrive in Positano (another 10 km). Coming from Amalfi, to access the historic center of Positano, the one-way streets would oblige you to go up the whole road and go down the other side, but let’s say that you  are by bicycle…and be smart!

In Positano you can stop as long as you want, but you must  keep in mind that the stage is not yet halfway done.  Leaving Positano there is a nice climb, but it doesn’t last long and soon turns into little more than a walk to the Colli di Sorrento (  Sorrent’s hills), where you have to face another stretch which then turns into a long descent to Sorrento.

  • The Amalfi Coast by bicycle – Itinerary


  • C) Stage 3, from Sorrento to Agerola

Remember: the illustrated one is a tourist itinerary that includes stops to allow you to visit the area as well, in particular Ravello and Amalfi in the first stage and Positano with Sorrento in the second stage


Those who normally cycle can surely make  more km than I propose, but they would still lose much of the Amalfi coast. From Sorrento to Vico Equense (+ 11 km) and Castellammare (+ 7 km) the coastal landscape changes significantly compared to the Amalfi one. No longer with sheer rocks and clinging villages, but softer switchbacks with Vesuvius as a backdrop. Once in Castellammare I therefore suggest leaving the coast to head to Agerola through Gragnano (+ 4 km), Pimonte (+ 4 km) and precisely Agerola (+ 8 km).

It is a mainly challenging uphill path where you abandon the classic tourist route of the Amalfi / Sorrento coast to cross a more rural area. It is a climb to be tackled in one breath without ever stopping. Agerola is a village with numerous hamlets that offers a very beautiful landscape on Amalfi in San Lazzaro (the true center of the town). An overnight stay in Agerola is not so bad , but – if you want – you can end up in Amalfi by bike : there are only 13 km more and all downhill.

  • CONCLUSIONS –  Cycling in Amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast by bicycle – Itinerary

Do I suggest The Amalfi coast by bike yes or not ? Yes, for the beauty of the views and the charm of the route. For this reason it is advisable to follow it as suggested with specific stops to visit it: with Ravello and Amalfi on the first day, Positano and Sorrento on the second. The stage arrivals for this are always in interesting villages: Amalfi, Sorrento, Agerola. However, a negative aspect could be traffic, in particular buses in the summer or late spring months. The roads at the time of writing this article (spring 2020) are in excellent condition with the asphalt that has been fixed recently.

  • Cycling in Amalfi coast

That said, as already specified, it is a medium-high level course with continuous hairpin bends and tears. Those used to pedaling will have a lot of fun cycling along the coast. Attention only to the cars: when they try to overtake in the narrow streets, they don’t realize they are dealing with people on bicycles!

After briefly explaining how to travel the Amalfi coast by bike, allow me to report some articles on the Amalfi coast that I would recommend. They are all articles that contain ideas, mostly focused on the summer period, which can be useful: there is information on activities, places and everything you can do on the Amalfi coast, as well as on the Sorrento peninsula.

  • Amalfi coast by bike :



  • Last tourist notes – In brief what to visit:
  • In Vietri the center with the ceramic shops, Marina di Vietri and the upper area with Raito
  • In Cetara the port
  • In Maiori it is sufficient to go through the promenade
    The circuit from Maiori to Ravello for Chiunzi validity does not include stops. These are the most demanding kilometers of the entire route.
  • In Ravello the square, villa Rufolo and villa Cimbrone,
  • In Atrani there is the small square beside the beach and the Church of the Maddalena. It is better to leave the bicycle for a moment to go up the narrow white stairs that characterize the town.
  • In Amalfi the port, Piazza Sant’Andrea with the Cathedral, the crypt and the cloister, the Valle dei Mulini and the museum of paper.
  • In Positano go down to the large beach
  • In Sorrento, orient yourself like crazy Tasso to visit the Duomo, the Villa Comunale with the Church of San Francesco, the port and the beaches
  • In Castellammare the municipal villa and possibly the Roman domus.


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